NFP warns party members against ACU

National Freedom Party (NFP) Secretary-General Nhlanhla Khubisa has warned party members against people who will use the name of the NFP leader to lure them to join the new party formed by NFP defectors, the Academic Congress Union (ACU).

Khubisa was addressing NFP members at the Ngwelezane Sports Ground outside Empangeni on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast during the launch of their election volunteer programme.

Among those who attended the launch were party Deputy President Alex Kekana and provincial party chairperson Vikizitha Mlotshwa.

Hundreds of NFP supporters converged at Ngwelezane for the launch of the volunteer programme which was aimed at giving a mandate to the party volunteers on what is expected from them during their door-to-door visits to different communities.

The NFP leadership also used the event to outline the party programme in the build up to the Local Government Elections in August.

KwaZulu-Natal party chairperson Vikizitha Mlotshwa says, “As NFP, what we need to do is to capitalise on the division that is within the ANC. Senzo Mchunu has been removed and the camp of Mchunu supporters are angry about that and they are telling us that they cannot vote for the ANC. They rather vote for us, so therefore as NFP what we need to do is to capitalise on that because people are not happy at all with the reshuffling of the cabinet. We know there are almost four MECs that will be axed.”

To our members do not go with hooligans who are using the name of the president because they know the name of the president

During the launch of the ACU, the party’s interim leader Mzonjani Zulu emphasised that they still respect NFP leader Zanele KaMagwaza Msibi.

Zulu was in the fore front in the formation of the NFP.

However, KaMagwza Msibi issued a statement distancing herself from the new party.

NFP Secretary General, Professor Nhlahla Khubisa, used the event to warn party members against defectors who have joined the newly formed ACU who keep praising leader KaMagwaza Msibi.

“To our members do not go with hooligans who are using the name of the president because they know the name of the president. They are using her name in order to woo members, but our members cannot be fooled, but all the way I’m cautioning them to be on the alert to be very vigilant of wolves who are wearing the sheep skin saying they are being sent by our president, our president is the leader of the NFP, our construction spells it clear quite categorically that she is the leader of the NFP for two terms, or even more leading the NFP, so KaMagwaza Msibi is the president of the NFP,” says Khubisa.

Meanwhile, party deputy president Alex Kekana has warned NFP members that they will not tolerate lazy councillors.

The NFP leadership emphasised that the party’s President KaMagwaza Msibi will continue to lead the party.

KaMagwaza Msibi is expected to address the launch of the NFP manifesto at Vryheid in June 18.

– By Fanele Mhlongo


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