Zille woos Pretoria

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille toured Pretoria this weekend to give support to the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Mayoral candidate for the Tshwane Metro, Solly Msimanga in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

The DA, which has the Cape Town Metro under its wings, is targeting Tshwane, Ekhurhuleni, Johannesburg and the Nelson Mandela Metros.

The DA says communities can stay as they are for life, or vote for change. It says every city can be as clean as Cape Town.

Zille says, “Local Government is about clean running water; Local Government is about proper sewage; Local Government is about roads and electricity, and decent community safety … all of these things. And if you come to a place like Itireleng, you see what failed Local Government looks like.”

The party’s mayoral candidate says given the chance, he’ll give meaning to the words for Itireleng residents.

Msimanga says, “This is one of the townships that, year in and year out, we hear the mayors talking about coming to fix this area here. But you have seen for yourselves the end, conditions that we find here.”



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