FF Plus to challenge Expropriation Bill in court

The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) in Parliament says it will challenge the Expropriation Bill in court if it is signed into law because it has major implications for the economy, security of tenure and property rights.

Earlier the Democratic Alliance (DA) said it would petition President Jacob Zuma not to sign the Bill into law.

The party said if he denies the request, the party intends to approach the Constitutional Court.

FF-Plus Chief Whip Corne Mulder describes it as a bad bill that may be used by the ruling party.

“This bill runs the risk of being used by the Africa National Congress (ANC) to further their myth and that myth is the one that says all land was stolen.”

Mulder says, “It is a myth and ANC uses that. It’s not a good bill, it’s a bad bill as far as we are concerned and because of that, we need to test and make sure it is in line with the constitution. We wait for the president to sign it into law and once that reality is on the table we will obviously liaise with the parties and other organisations and I can assure you there will be a challenge.”

– By Mercedes Besent


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