PAC launches its election manifesto

The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) has embarked on a quest to reclaim its former glory of being a champion of the struggle for land.

The PAC unveiled its local government elections manifesto earlier on Saturday in Pretoria where it announced a mixed bag of promises for the electorate.

The party has been dogged by leadership squabbles which have seen its support base dwindle.

The party promises to be a transparent and accountable government which listens to the people.

Party leader, Luthando Mbinda, says if voted into power, the PAC-led administration will be expected to conduct regular feedback sessions with communities to give an update on its service delivery track record.

“Each PAC run municipality will be obliged to have direct consultations with the people through town hall meetings of the purpose of keeping the people abreast of all important decisions affecting their interests and regular updates on current developments within their communities. Town hall meetings or imbizo’s will not be a one way street; it will be an opportunity for the people to table issues that they need their councillors or traditional leaders to attend to.”

The party believes that the current government has failed to improve the lives of ordinary South Africans, particularly the poor. The PAC says it will prioritize quality housing, education, health care, water and sanitation. Mbinda says they are not compromising on land redistribution.

“To ensure that there is food security at local level as much as possible; efforts will be made to ensure that each family with arable land within the municipality utilizes some or all of the land for agricultural purposes. For those without land, state land and traditional controlled land will be identified for allocation to those in need of land.”

Mbinda also has a plan for the unemployed.

“In the service delivery framework there will be sets of principles, standards, policies and constraints to guide the service of each PAC led municipality. Amongst the core fundamentals will be the creation of employment for the locals within each municipality. Outsourcing of labour and services, available locally will not be tolerated and will not be condoned under any circumstance whatsoever.”

Mbinda says they will also give special attention to the needs and challenges faced by young people.

“Being a party that is people centred and that realises the strength and future of my nation is being measured by the nature and quality of investment in the young people. The PAC will commit meaningful resources to investing in recreation facilities for children and also arts facilities for the youth. No children and youth, more particularly on non-school going youth, will be neglected and left idle till they sell their lives to nyaope or end up being victims of human trafficking and crimes whilst the country sleeps or watches as though helpless to intervene.”

Mbinda also launched a scathing attack on the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) accusing it of behaving in an undemocratic manner.

The IEC and the PAC have been at loggerheads over the party’s leadership squabbles. The electoral body previously barred the PAC from participating in elections until leadership disputes were resolved.

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– By Amos Phago


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