COPE’s membership is growing: Lekota

Congress of the People (COPE) President Mosiua Lekota says the party is growing following a loss of support in the 2014 elections.

The party’s number of seats in the National Assembly fell from 30 to just three following a drawn out legal battle over leadership positions.

The party says it has since started rebuilding its structures, gearing up for the local government elections on August 3.

It launched its manifesto in Mokwakwaila village, outside Giyani, Limpopo, on Saturday. Hundreds of people, mostly youth, attended.

Lekota says they are attracting younger people who will sustain the party: “It’s not question of come back, we started with big numbers, that was abnormal. When we started that was a huge thing, something was bound to happen, and winter months came and now we started working steadily.”

Lekota also warned South Africans to vote carefully. He says South Africa needs to be saved from corruption and a ruling elite that has forgotten ordinary people and failing to uphold the Constitution.

Lekota says his party will prioritise education, housing, provision of water and electricity and curbing the high rate of youth unemployment.

Watch: COPE calls on voters to save South Africa from corruption: 

– By Mahlatse Gallens


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