Cope to launch manifesto on Saturday

The Congress of the People (COPE) is launching its manifesto in Mokwakwaila village, outside Giyani in Limpopo on Saturday, hoping to turn its electoral fortunes around.

The party has been battling to rebuild following a debilitating leadership squabble that saw it in and out of court.

With president Mosioua Lekota now firmly in charge, it is hoping for a better showing in the August 3rd municipal polls.

COPE needs to redeem itself as a one time election wonder.

Following its launch in 2008 – it went on to win 30 seats in the National Assembly but it soon lost its shine as it was plagued by multiple defections and leadership squabbles that saw voters punish it in the 2011 local government and 2014 general elections.

It now only has 3 seats in parliament.

The party is launching its manifesto – with the theme save South Africa.

The party says it chose a rural area for its launch because most parties tend to focus on the urban vote – forgetting that rural areas are most in need of development.


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