Plato shocked at charges laid by ANC

Western Cape Minister for Community Safety, Dan Plato has expressed shock that the ANC in the province has laid criminal charges against him, while there is an ongoing investigation by the Hawks.

The party accuses Plato of having close ties with gangsters and for using his government position to create a smear campaign against the ANC and provincial top cop Major-General Jeremy Vearey.

Plato has welcomed any kind of investigation into his alleged conduct.

He says:” I had meetings some days ago with the national minister of police, with the national commissioner of police and some of his deputies in the office of the national minister where we agreed that we are not going to have an investigation and or a trial outside of the official investigation. That is now in the hands of the Hawks.”

“What I am saying is that the Hawks are currently busy investigating this whole issue,” says Plato.

– By Mlamli Maneli


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