PRM vows to bring change to South Africans

The People’s Revolutionary Movement (PRM) has committed itself to bring change to the lives of ordinary South Africans should people vote it into power in the coming Local Government Elections.

Speaking in Durban, PRM president Nhlanhla Buthelezi says many communities still lack basic services such as water and electricity, while high levels of corruption and poverty exist.

Although keen to recruit new voters, Buthelezi has reservations about the party membership of some sections of society.

“This year we are saying defend the poor, now it’s the time that the rich must help the poor. The gays and lesbians are human beings and we regard them as human beings but we believe that God created two people. We don’t recruit them and we request them not to join us and join other organisation,” says Buthelezi.

Meanwhile, another new kid on the political block, the African People’s Congress (APC), has lashed out at municipalities that do not adequately provide for communities needs.

National chairperson Thabani Ngubane says although they are against the destruction of government properties during protests, municipalities should be held to account.

“The People that are given power in municipalities for example councillors, mayors – are not responding in time and don’t respond the way our citizens want. So that is why they are going out and burning those things, but as APC we condemn it and we don’t want to see anything like that happen,” says Ngubane.



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