Malema calls on Cape Town supporters to ‘demand ownership of land’

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, says if his party wins the Cape Town Metro, they will expropriate land without compensation.

He was addressing party members in a packed Gugulethu Sport Complex on the Cape Flats.

Malema says without land, people cannot become economically self-sufficient.

He called on his supporters to demand ownership of land: “We want the land. It’s not the vote that brings our dignity, it’s the land. There is dignity in property owning. Tell them you want your land back. Don’t be apologetic about it.”

Malema says his party will test the Constitution in court, when it comes to expropriating land without compensation:

“They say this is a fair Constitution, it’s a democratic Constitution. Let it be tested in court. Let this Constitution say you must continue to be landless, poor, you are useless, we love the British owner of this land more than all of you. Let this Constitution say that!”



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