School property damaged after ANC branch meeting

Police in Moretele near Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria, are investigating a case of public violence and malicious damage to property following the trashing of the Morotola Primary School, at Stinkwater, over the weekend.

This as the community clashed with the local African National Congress (ANC) leadership during a meeting to decide who will be their councillors after this year’s local government elections.

It is alleged that members of the community wanted to storm the branch committee meeting and when denied access, they broke the gate, smashed the school’s windows and set alight the guardroom.

On Monday morning, parents were busy cleaning up the debris of shattered glass. The only evidence of what used to be a guardroom are the ashes that remain near a broken gate.

The windows of nearby houses were also smashed. Parents have expressed disappointment following an incident that has left their children exposed to the cold weather.

“I feel so bad about this school today. I am so very angry,” says a parent.

The Morotola School Governing Body (SGB) has expressed concern over the latest incident. SGB Chairperson William Raoleka says they provided a platform for the ANC to meet with the community, but what happened has left them angry.

“It worries me a lot, but we must understand that the school is the community’s. They have each and every right to utilize our premises if following the correct protocol. So what happened it’s totally unacceptable and we condemn it. They wanted to utilise the school for their own meetings, but at the end of the day we are left with the damaged school now.”

Police could not confirm reports of incidents of shooting and injuries suffered

ANC Tshwane region has condemned the incident calling on police to ensure that the law is enforced. Secretary-general Paul Mojapelo says the ANC will institute disciplinary actions against members involved in the destruction of property.

“This afternoon we will be meeting with the leadership in order to get a sense of what has happened there and we are saying to the police, because the police were also there, if there’s anyone who has actually violated the laws, the police must take them on and the law must take its course. If members of the ANC were part of what has happened yesterday, we’ll definitely instil disciplinary processes to make sure that we deal with this cancer of personal interest that goes over the organizational interest.”

Meanwhile, the police could not confirm reports of incidents of shooting and injuries suffered.

Moretele police spokesperson Sarah Lesabane says a case of public violence and malicious damage to property is being investigated.
“For now what I can say is that police have opened a public violence case and malicious damage to property and then no arrests have been made yet, investigations continue. For now I don’t have information because there is no case that has been registered for now.”

– By Maluti Obuseng


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