ANC N Cape pulls all the stops ahead of LGE 2016

The African National Congress (ANC) in the Northern Cape is pulling out all the stops to achieve 70% electoral support in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

It expects its manifesto launch this weekend to be attended by thousands of people from across the province.

The party provincial secretary Zamani Saul says they are targeting all four municipalities currently controlled by opposition parties.

“With the kind of work that is taking place now, it’s quite clear that we are heading towards achieving that particular target.”

Saul adds: “The focus of our campaign now is to energise our support base. Get our supporters to go out and vote on August 3. There’s a very low voter turnout in ANC strongholds and a high voter turnout in opposition strongholds. So that’s one of the things we want to change.”

Saul says that the ANC in the Northern Cape has not yet made their decision regarding their stance on pledging support for President Jacob Zuma following the Constitutional Court’s judgment on Nkandla.

“We decided to take a different approach as the province. I’m certain you’ve seen what the ANC calls a beauty contest where each and every province announces its support or don’t support.”

“So it’s not about us having to convene a PEC (Provincial Executive Committee) and pronounce, but we said let’s involve branches. We will be the last province to pronounce and hopefully we will be the province that will cast a better light on the matter,” says Saul.



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