Lekota defends EFF’s war talk

Congress of the People (Cope) president Mosioua Lekota has defended war talk remarks by Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema.

During an interview with international TV network Al Jazeera, Malema indicated that his party will remove the current government with a barrel of a gun if it continues to use violence against peaceful protestors.

The comments have been strongly condemned by the ANC which has since laid treason charges against Malema. However Lekoka says Malema has been misunderstood.

“I know his English is not his mother tongue but he didn’t say what now some of the people are saying,” says Lekota.

Lekota goes on to say that the ANC is using the treason charges as a means to divert the public’s attention and also intimidate any other detractors.

“As long as the ANC respects the Constitution and respects our right to say our say…no problem. But if the ANC thinks they can shoot us and then do this they will find there will always be more of us to shoot,” adds Cope’s leader.



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