Joburg needs a facelift: Holomisa

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) believes Johannesburg needs a complete facelift. UDM leader Bantu Holomisa says dilapidated buildings, poor infrastructure and densely populated settlements have turned the city into an hygienic environment.

He addressed party supporters at the launch of the party’s Gauteng election manifesto under the theme, Community First, at the Tshwane Event Centre, west of Pretoria.

Holomisa urged party supporters to make use of the August 3 local government elections to set the agenda for their own lives and for better services.

He emphasised this is possible through voting out incompetent councillors and replace them with the right individuals and parties that will represent the interests of the community at municipal level.

“As a voter it is up to you set a new agenda. You have the power to say what should be the new priorities, as opposed to the elite projects that are which contribute nothing to your lives and only enrich the politically connected. It is time to put community first, by prioritising service delivery and removing politicians and parties that stand in the way of that,” he says.

He blamed the City of Johannesburg Metro Council for the deteriorating condition of the city and the collapse of services. “For years the billing system for rates and taxes in Johannesburg, has made headline news despite assurances that the city has sorted out its mess, the administration continues to battle a large deficit partly due to poor management and collapsing infrastructure.”

“The problem is the system that we use in parliament to vote, so you cannot blame the opposition for not ousting Zuma, the ANC has a final say in this.”

According to Holomisa, the UDM is passionate about people’s needs. He urged supporters to vote the UDM into power for a better life and adequate service delivery in their respective municipalities.

“When we say put community first we mean, bringing closer to the people satellite police stations, and stopping the excessive property rates, ensuring that correct residents are accurately billed for services they actually receive, access to basic services for the poorest of the poor without being charged. Scrapping any apartheid era areas and the strengthening the roll out of the indigent policy.”

He appealed on them not to point fingers on the opposition parties for the failed attempts to oust the sitting president of the country from office, besides the recent ruling of the constitutional court.

He blamed the voting system used in parliament for their futile attempt. “The problem is the system that we use in parliament to vote, so you cannot blame the opposition for not ousting Zuma, the ANC has a final say in this,” adds Holomisa.

Last month, the constitutional court ordered President Jacob Zuma to pay back part of the R246 million spent on non-security features at his Nkandla ho

– By Phanuel Shuma


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