Factionalism weakens ANC: Blade Nzimande

South African Communist Party (SACP) general-secretary Blade Nzimande has warned that factionalism in the ANC has the potential to weaken the ruling party.

He led thousands of supporters in a march in Durban on Saturday. They protested against alleged state capture by big business.

Nzimande says the African National Congress (ANC) is alienating the people of South Africa, particularly the poorest of the poor, as some leaders enrich themselves.

He says there’s a relationship between factionalism and corporate capital.

“Let us be clear comrades, to allow factionalism, patronage, manipulation of internal democratic processes to prevail in our movement are not a principle fight for the people or against imperialism.”

“It is to weaken our movement and it is to prepare ground for exploitation and imperialism.”

The joint memorandum also included the demands that the country’s financial sector be transformed,? improved social security, broader implementation of the National Health Insurance scheme, the banning of labour brokers, free tertiary education, and an end to outsourcing by government.

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