Maimane decries ‘widening gap’ in education quality

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane says that there is a widening gap in the quality of basic education. He was speaking at the launch of the DA’s Local Government Elections manifesto at the Rand Stadium, in Johannesburg on Saturday.

Maimane says that the quality of education for poor children is being neglected. “We must never go back to a time where some people’s lives were valued more than other people, and nowhere is this more evident than in the quality of education our children receive. Our poorest school children are being neglected and the gap between the performance of poor children and rich children is widening every single day. While the matric pass rate in the richest schools has remained unchanged at over 90%, the pass rate of the schools in the poorest areas has dropped by almost 10% in 2-years.”

Maimane says that the youth still lack skills and jobs. “It is indeed painful to say that after two decades of our democracy, Bantu education is alive and well. It can’t be right that young black South Africans are still falling behind in terms of skills and jobs. That is why in 2016 the face of poverty still remains black and that is why it is true when we say that the ANC governs as though black lives don’t matter.”

He has urged citizens to vote during municipal elections to change the leadership in cities.

“South Africans remain in poverty as others have better opportunities.”

Maimane also says his party is the future of the country in all its glorious diversity. He says his party guarantees to change the life of South Africans.

He indicated that the African National Congress government has failed the people as the country continues to experience service delivery protests. “South Africans remain in poverty as others have better opportunities.”

He says the existing government needs to go, stressing that change is important for all South Africans to reach economic emancipation. Meanwhile, Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille has urged South Africans to allow the DA to transform their municipalities into the success story of Cape Town.

Speaking at the same event, De Lille says independent rating organisations have ranked Cape Town as the leading local authority with regards to financial management.

“Cape Town also shows that progress is possible, together we need more municipalities to join us on this path to progress. The DA is ready to start bringing this change to other metros and municipalities.” Watch video below for more on the story:



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