DA expects thousands at LGE manifesto launch

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it is ready make its election offer to voters. The party will launch its 2016 local government election manifesto at the Rand stadium in Johannesburg on Saturday.

It says it expects about 20 000 people to attend the launch which marks the official start to its campaign for the August 3rd elections.

In the 2011 poll the DA won 24 percent of the vote and it runs 18 councils, including the Cape Town Metro.

The party is confident that it can win South Africa’s economic hub and other key metros that the African National Congress (ANC) governs in the country.

Just a week after its biggest rival the ANC launched its Manifesto, the DA is unveiling its vision for the country’s municipalities.

It is expected to showcase its successes in the Western Cape where it governs.

The elections will be the first presided by party leader Mmusi Maimane.

Maimane says, “Ours is to grow outside the Western Cape so we are going to push hard for Nelson Mandela Bay for Tshwane, Joburg and we want to work hard to be the government in Nelson Mandela Bay.”

The DA says central to its manifesto will be the strategy to grow local economies, job creation, effective delivery of services and fighting corruption.

He says they are ready to make their election offer to voters.

“It is time for change because actually we all agreed as South Africans that we would want to go for democracy and democracy says when you are dissatisfied with government you must go for change so we want to build a country where ultimately we can create more jobs so that South Africans know what true freedom is.”

“We want to build a country where ultimately we can deliver basic services, more and more people have access to sanitation to water to electricity and we want to end the scourge of corruption and we have proven ourselves, we have shown that we are the only government that is able to do that.”

Maimane is expected to outline his party’s stance on racism.

Accusations of the DA being a refuge for racists have dogged the party in recent months. The party has instituted a policy in which every party member is forced to sign an anti-racism pledge.

He says, “We can’t just stop at condemning it, we must address the structural inequalities of racism, we must address the chances of a black child are still in terms of access to education six times less than that of a white child. These are indicators that perpetuate the structural inequality of our country and therefore we should fight against it and the only way we are able to do that is to set up governments that are not corrupt governments. That will ensure that they will deliver for all the people because in fact that will start to address inequality when it occurs.”

– By Busi Chimombe


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