Makwetu hailed at memorial service

Former Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) leader, Clarence Makwetu, has been described as a true Pan Africanist who dedicated his political life to the emancipation of Africans and the return of land to its rightful owners.

At Makwetu’s memorial service in Cofimvaba in the Eastern Cape on Thursday, comrades put their political differences aside and remembered his contributions.

Pan Africanist Movement (PAM) Deputy President Babini Tame says, “His passing is a great loss to the nation. He was a true leader who lived for his people and lived among his people. People should not expect anything fancy from his funeral service.”

The 88-year-old Makwetu passed away at a Queenstown hospital a fortnight ago. He will be laid to rest in a provincial official funeral on Saturday.

Nephew Clement Makwethu, says, “We have had to observe the church aspect of the service back at home today. As you know that we have to be moving from the farm to the graveyard by 12 on Saturday – and it’s quite a distance – we want to shorten that service.”

Preparations are underway at the family farm for the burial service. He will be buried at Hoyita village where he will be buried along other family members including his parents and siblings.



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