ANCWL tells struggle veterans not to air “dirty laundry”

The ANCWL in KwaZulu-Natal has criticized certain struggle veterans, including Chief Albert Luthuli’s daughter Albertina and Ronnie Kasrils, for their calls for President Jacob Zuma to step down.

Women’s League Provincial Treasurer Barbara Thomson has questioned why these members chose to raise their views about the
matter in public while there are organisational platforms.

Thomson says there are places where ANC members can talk about the ANC instead of airing the party’s dirty laundry.

“Those people who are talking so much, when last did talk about the ANC. You can’t sit down at home and enjoy whatever you are enjoying then suddenly when there is a problem against someone you then come out and start to be alive,” says Thomson.

On Sunday,Thomson lashed out at church leaders for suggesting that President Zuma step down despite having apologized for the Constitutional Court ruling on Nkandla.

Thomson was speaking at a pre-birthday party for the president’s 74th birthday today.



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