This year’s election is about the future, not the past: Maimane

South Africans need to vote for change that will build a South Africa for all, because the African National Congress has given up on that hope and dream, Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane said on Saturday.

Speaking at an Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) voter registration station in Alexandra, Johannesburg, in support of DA mayoral candidate Herman Mashaba, he said that as the country celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Constitution, “the supreme law of our land and the lifeblood of our democracy”, South Africans, young and old, would exercise this constitutional right – a right that held so much power.

Maimane said he did not have to tell voters that the leadership of the country and the governing ANC were taking the country backwards.

“It is self-evident for all to see. We see it in our unemployment rate, where almost one in every three South Africans cannot find a job. We see it in increasing levels of poverty across our land… in our public service where basic services have become a luxury and corruption is rampant.”

“YOUR VOTE IS YOUR POWER” – @MmusiMaimane #RegisterForChange — Democratic Alliance (@Our_DA) April 9, 2016

“And we see it in the way the President treats our Constitution like a pamphlet that can be violated in every way possible. Madiba’s dream of 1994 is fast slipping away, as [President] Jacob Zuma and his ANC continue to make themselves and those connect to them rich, while millions of South Africans suffer,” Maimane said.

It was no wonder many had given up hope. Hopelessness was fast spreading across towns and cities.

We need to vote for change, the change that will build a South Africa for all

“I want to appeal to every South African, and say to them – there is hope for our future – and that hope lies in your hands this year. That is not just a nice sounding cliché, but it is the simple truth.” “We need to vote for change, the change that will build a South Africa for all. The ANC has given up on that hope and dream,” Maimane said. “I want to appeal to those who have given up hope and plan to not register to vote in this year’s election. Your vote matters, and your vote can be the difference between a new, fresh, clean, and citizen-orientated government, or five more years of the same. Here in Gauteng, the ANC barely won a majority with just 53% of the vote in the last election. The stakes have never been higher.” “Your vote is your power. You can choose to vote for the political party you believe is best equipped to bring about a better, safer, and more prosperous South African for all who live in it. That is democracy, and that is the constitutional dream we ushered in two decades ago,” he said. While the ANC was on the decline, the DA was growing in each and every election. And that was why come election day this year, there would be a power shift in Nelson Mandela Bay, in Tshwane, in the City of Johannesburg, and the DA on the rise in all municipalities across South Africa. “This weekend, we call upon all freedom loving South Africans to register to vote for change, and to join us next Friday when we will mobilise South Africans to march for change and to remove Jacob Zuma. We will be marching in both the City of Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay.” “That power shift begins with registering today. Registering to win, and registering to bring about a South Africa where the values of freedom, fairness, and opportunity are experienced by every South African,” Maimane said. Click below for more….

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