COPE calls for President Zuma’s arrest

President Jacob Zuma should be charged for failing to uphold the Constitution, arrested and the keys thrown away, according to the leader of Congress of the People (COPE) Mosiuoa Lekota.

Lekota said this while addressing members of his party and welcoming members from several opposition parties at Oskraal Village, near Brits, North West, on Saturday.

The party has also kick started its elections campaign drive for the 2016 local government elections and encouraging voters to register for the elections.

COPE is among many political parties who have begun their drive to motivate residents to register and vote in these highly contested local government elections.

Addressing his followers Lekota says President Zuma’s apology for the Nkandla saga, is not acceptable.

“He must be arrested but the only body that is authorized under the Constitution to arrest him is the Constitution. Arrest him in the sense that it can impeach him. There would be no equality before the law if the National Assembly didn’t act against him for breaking the law and that must be done under section 89.”

“We want to go to our people, we need to explain to them that they have to change [this] in terms of voting into power men and women that can be trusted to prioritize delivery of services and the improvement of the lives of the people. Local government is most important for the delivery of services to the people. The conditions in which our people live today; townships that were looking bright with tarred roads some of them have pot holes everywhere,” he says.

Members from several political parties were also welcomed.

“I mean it was a hard decision … being a provincial secretary of the African People’s Convention (APC) and also a councillor in Madibeng and then we felt that we should go back to COPE because it is our political home,” says a community member.

We decided go back to COPE because we need a political party that is vocal; that will raise and defend the constitution of our “country,” adds another community member.

“We want to see Madibeng people having drinkable water. We want to see people in Madibeng having jobs; we want to see people having decent housing and health. That [is one of] the reasons why I want to vote for COPE,” says another resident.



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