PAC members disrupt SABC live broadcast

SABC journalist Aldrin Sampear got more than he bargained for during a live crossing in Sharpeville.

Sampear was interviewing Pan Africanist Congress(PAC) secretary general, Mudini Maivha about Sharpeville Day, when three members from another PAC faction stormed the interview.

Maivha was talking about how Sharpeville Day has been hijacked and renamed Human Rights Day, arguing that the day should remain as Sharpeville Day as that would be easy for people to put context and link the day to that historic day.

At that moment, two men and a woman in PAC t-shirts stormed the television frame asking the man being interviewed “Who are you?” and calling him “Bloody agent”.

A man known as Brian then went for the camera to try to blackout the screen, but Sampear managed to calm the situation down and interview “Brian” to share his views in a live interview.

The commotion is caught on tape by SABC cameraman Sam Kau.

See how the situation unfolded in video below:

Calm is restored
The situation was brought under control and the disruptive PAC member – Brian apologised for his conduct, during a later interview with Sampear.

Sharpeville day will be commemorated on Monday 21 March in Sharpeville.

Watch PAC member apologising for his conduct:

– By Dinilohlanga Mekuto


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