DA unveils eThekwini mayoral candidate

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has officially introduced its eThekwini mayoral candidate, Haniff Hoosen, in Phoenix, north of Durban. Party leader in KwaZulu-Natal Zwakele Mncwango told hundreds of party faithful’s who attended the mayoral launch that the DA wants to bring about change in the lives of people.

Hundreds of party members who attended the gathering were treated to song and popular Indian bhangra dancing. Mncwango says the DA is capable and ready to deliver a well-run and prosperous city to the people of Ethekwini.

He says the party is ready, saying the DA has a dream. “We are in a fight to achieve a dream we can deliver. Our dream of you is to live in a safe city with good schools, jobs, houses where our kids are free to play in the park and can generally dream about being wherever they want to be. They are free. Our dream is that your children live a better life than you lived.”

Hooseen, from Chatsworth, has promised party members that the DA wants to bring real change to the people of eThekwini. He has revealed his plan on how he is going to make Ethekwini a clean and functioning municipality.

“Thousands of people have come out openly and say they are tired of failed policies; that they are tired of crime; they are tired of complaints; they are tired of poverty and unemployment. We are tired of the city politicians who put their interest first. We are tired of being treated as second class citizen and these are the sounds of people who want change today and we want to start fighting for the people. I’m here to announce change.”

The DA says it believes that it will win the eThekwini municipality come local government elections.



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