Racists must be blacklisted: ANC

Political parties have expressed different views on racism during a debate in Parliament.

The African National Congress (ANC) wants racists to be blacklisted.

ANC MP Jabulani Mahlangu says the name of racists should be published internationally so that they could be prevented from working or travelling abroad.

“We call for an establishment of a national register for racist offenders as part of tightening the legislation on racism to ensure that racists are blacklisted. Making the register also available to embassies will assist with the screening of visa applications as well as work permits to keep racists in their countries.”

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says racial tensions in the country are merely symptoms of a bigger problem.

Racists must be isolated

DA MP Belinda Bozzoli says other factors are to be blamed for on-going protests at universities that have led to racial disputes.

“Individual and group expressions of racial and other forms of hatred are repellent and must be condemned, but they are symptoms of other things rather than causes in themselves. Our Universities are paying the price for 20 years of financial neglect by government, those who pretend to represent the poor black students but instead of doing so have hijacked legitimate bread and butter issues such as fees for their own self-interests.”

Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa who was replying to the debate says racists must be isolated.

Mthethwa says the DA is not upfront about racism.



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