Community must approve ANC candidates: Mkhize

ANC treasurer-general Zweli Mkhize has warned that no person will become a party candidate in the upcoming municipal elections unless endorsed by the community.

Mkhize was speaking during the party’s campaign in Mpophomeni near Howick to encourage people to register for the Local Government Elections.

He says allowing communities to participate in the ANC candidates’ selection process will help reduce complaints that some councillors do not account to their communities.

“It’s important that communities endorse candidates because the ANC card carrying members are the very small percentage of the community that vote for the ANC so community approval becomes important. But also the councillors need to know that they are responsible for serving the community and they are the servants of the community and they must know that ANC is not about personal positions and interest, it’s about people serving the community,” says Mkhize.

He says that’s why the party is insisting that communities must have a say in who becomes the councillor.

“We are also saying to our members they must respect the word of the community, if the community says we don’t want this one, we want the other one, then that must be the one that the community prefers,” he adds.



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