DA kicks off its election campaign in Durban

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has kicked off it’s election campaign in Durban with low key street visits in Cato Crest, speaking to both Indian residents as well as people living in an informal settlement close by.

KwaZulu-Natal DA leader, Zwakele Mncwango, says they want to hear what issues are close to people’s hearts as the party compiles it’s election manifesto.

The DA’s message to voters was to not give in to apathy, but to use their vote to make a difference.

Playing messages set to energetic house music, the blue DA bakkie called residents out into the street to meet the party’s leaders.

A small group of people gathered around Mncwango and the party’s eThekwini mayoral candidate MP Haniff Hoosen.

They promised to get rid of corruption in government and see to people’s basic needs.

Mncwango called on residents of the African National Congress-controlled ward to use their vote to bring about change.

“What is important is to also encourage the people from these communities to vote out the current government because there is this notion that says the ANC will win anyway despite the fact that they are failing to provide communities with service delivery. So, we want to encourage communities to say it is high time now that you use this democracy that you fought for and also able to use the freedom. Because freedom is actually their right. It’s not a favour from government,” says Mncwango.

The DA says it will be using such small street gatherings to hear from people what their concerns are in the run-up to the finalisation of the party’s local government election manifesto.

Hoosen says, “It’s not good enough that as politicians we sit in our offices and sit in the boardrooms and make decisions for you. We want to hear what your experiences are. We want to know what is it that we can do as leaders in our society to make sure that you have a better quality of life, as we call it.”

– By Dries Liebenberg


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