Leaders urged to emulate Robert Sobukwe

African People’s Convention leader Themba Godi says today’s leaders should use dignified people such as first president of the Pan Africanist Congress, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe to check whether they are on track or not.

Sobukwe was the founder of the PAC, a strong supporter of pan-Africanism and champion of African nationalism.

Godi delivered a commemorative lecture in Botshabelo, east of Bloemfontein, to celebrate the life of Sobukwe.

“We must appreciate those who led us before, but we must also use them as our guiding compasses to say are we still on track or not. When you look at the lives of our people today, when you look at what we do and what we do not do for our people.”

“How does that live up, to the high standards of leadership that were set by people like Robert Sobukwe. People who sacrificed comfortable lives for the sake of our people ,that challenges anyone amongst us today who is a leader to say, in what way do I demonstrate self-sacrifice in the interest of our people.”

Sobukwe died of lung cancer on the 27th February in 1978 at the age of 53, hence the undertaking by Godi’s APC to declare February a Sobukwe Month.

Godi says Sobukwe was a man of immense personal integrity, who was well respected by all.



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