EFF welcomes 70 ANC defectors

The EFF in Mpumalanga has welcomed 70 members whom it says have defected from the ANC. Among the defectors is the founding member of the “Save ANC Mpumalanga Campaign”, Sipho Monareng.

Monareng says, “There are lots of things in the ANC that are not going alright. We have tried everything that is possible, but it is very clear that we are held back by history, which has got no future. So, it is high time that we join a winning team.”

EFF Provincial leader, Collen Sedibe, was excited to welcome the ANC defectors.

“Today, here we have got almost 70 of the new members that we transported, including the leaders of the ‘Save ANC campaign’ in Mpumalanga.”

But other disgruntled members are staying put and have vowed to continue fighting from within.

The ANC national leadership is accused of failing to attend to problems faced by party structures in Mpumalanga.

Save Mpumalanga ANC Campaign’s Peter Nyoni says, “Those issues are still there and we will still continue with our campaign to highlight our plight in trying to Save the ANC from these anti ANC tendencies.”

Mpumalanga ANC Spokesperson, Thulare Madileng says, “Where I am seated now I am convinced that their matters and issues were addressed. However, if comrades felt the issues in the manner that were addressed did not meet their expectations they still have the opportunity to come to the Che Masilela House.”

The ANC has described the defection of the members as very sad, but maintains the party still enjoys huge support, and is ready for the upcoming Local Government Elections.



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