Mpumalanga Premier calls for unity between ANC, SACP

Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza has called for an end to the friction between the African National Congress (ANC) and the South African Communist Party (SACP) in the province. Speaking at the party’s Provincial Executive Committee Lekgotla in Mbombela, Mabuza says both parties must agree to disagree but still join hands in the end.

In recent months violence erupted at gatherings in Mpumalanga where members of the ANC and the SACP were present.

Police not only monitored the situation, but also at some stage used force to calm the volatile relations. These conflicts have been of great concern to many. Premier Mabuza says the aim of both organisations should be unity.

“The friction that continues to exist between ourselves and the SACP must come to an end. We must find a way of restoring our
relationship. We must build unity within the alliance. Of course to differ does not mean there should be permanent differences. We can differ on an issue but we can agree at the end. We are not a homogenous entity. We are not like water that will flow together. We are people. We have got different views but we must ensure that at the end of the day we emerge with a collective view,” says Mabuza.

The people in the farms, I think we have forgotten about them

Mabuza says this will be a difficult process but it must be done by a disciplined force. He says another issue that has been put on the back burner and needs urgent attention is that of farm workers in Mpumalanga. “The people in the farms, I think we have forgotten about them. I have just realised that they still do not have water. They still do not have housing. The situation in which they are still living under, it is not a good situation. We could have done better to try and help those people. They are still working with the farmers. I am not happy about the relationship between the farm workers and the farmers. Our people are still not accorded the freedom that they must be given.” Mabuza says farm workers are denied their right to join unions and that government will focus on this issue. “Farmers do not like unions because unions will make people wiser, and make them demand more money… but in terms of the Constitution these people have got this right. As you employ people as a farmer, you must know that this people have got certain rights. You must give them. Unfortunately the relationship between the worker and an employer will remain with contradictions because the worker will always demand more, but that relationship will always be governed by the laws that are there. There is a bargaining session chamber where you bargain about salaries and all that. It is normal. It must happen within the laws of the country.”

– By Amanda Celliers


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