DA councillor jumps to FF Plus

A Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor from Kroonstad, Albe Viljoen, has left the party to join the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus).

Viljoen swopped the blue T-shirt of the DA for the dark green colours of the FF Plus on the steps of the Fourt Raadsaal in Bloemfontein.

FF Plus party leader, Pieter Mulder, welcomed Viljoen, saying there is a shift in party politics in South Africa, with smaller opposition parties coming to the fore.

Viljoen, a seasoned politician for the DA in Kroonstad for the past 16-years, jumped fence because she feels more at home in a party she believes will focus on the rights of minority groups.

“The Freedom Front Plus believes there is a re-alignment in politics happening at the moment. And what we see here, councillors coming to the FF Plus, and it’s the third one coming over and there is more coming over. They see the interest of their community can be better served with the FF Plus, we are going with their interest surely. We will work then in a coalition with other parties, and in that sense you get the best of both worlds, you can vote against the ANC, and also the best interest for you. And hopefully we get ANC under 50% and form a coalition with other parties to look after your interests in that coalition”.

Viljoen says a leadership crisis in the DA and changing policies made her decision an easy one. “For the past few months, I saw the DA is going in another direction. I was not happy with the principles moving too close to the ANC, their changing of policies, and I cannot agree with all that’s going on at the DA at the moment”.

The chairperson of the DA in the Free State, Anneli Lotriet, says they expected Viljoen’s resignation as she clearly was not comfortable with the DA’s non-racial policies.



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