Unity needed in the PAC: Kenny Motsamai

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania’s (PAC) liberation struggle hero Kenny Motsamai has called for an urgent meeting with the party leadership to discuss unity within the organization.

He was addressing party members at the South Gauteng High Court.

He was there in bid to force the Correctional Services Department to release him from prison unconditionally.

Motsamai has been in Boksburg Prison since his arrest and sentencing to life imprisonment for his part on an Azanian People’s Liberation Army (APLA) mission to rob a supermarket in Rustenburg in 1989.

He and three others killed a traffic officer who witnessed the armed robbery.

Motsamai refused to be released last month arguing that his parole conditions are unreasonable and amounted to being back in jail.

They include that he must disassociate himself from the PAC, he report to the police station daily and bar him from doing media interviews.


I want us to be united

His lawyer, Advocate Vuyani Ngalwana told the court that the section of the law which was applied during his sentencing classified life imprisonment as twenty years behind bars.

He further argued that it’s for this reason that Motsamai who has been in in prison for over two decades be released from bail.

Scores of PAC members who attended the proceedings groaned as the two exchanged arguments on interpretation of law.
Hopes are, however, high that Motsamai will be released from prison.

Addressing the crowd inside the courtroom, Motsamai called for a meeting with leaders of two factions of the party to discuss internal squabbles and a strategy to take state power from the ANC.

“I would like to see President Letlapa Mphahlele and President Luthando Mbinda before we come back to court by Friday. I want us to be united. I respect this leadership of the PAC but we must be united so that we can beat the ANC. The justice system is independent. I’m hopeful that we will win this case,” says Motsamai.

The infighting within the PAC has seen party support dwindle with some senior members forming their own organizations.

It moved from winning five seats in the national assembly in 1994 to just one seat following the 2014 elections. Both factions have indicated their willingness to talk.

Mbinda is the leader of one faction and also the party’s only member of the National Assembly.

“We are always more than willing to talk. I mean, Kenny Motsamai he is in prison, he has been there for 27years. He may not understand the dynamics that are taking place within the organization. But if he feels like he wants to talk to myself and Mphahlele, even if he wants to talk to myself and anyone else, I am more than prepared to listen to that,” says Mbinda.

The SABC has reliably learned that a national summit is being mooted to forge unity within the party ahead of upcoming local government elections.

– By Amos Phago


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