NFP rocked by internal squabbles again

The National Freedom Party (NFP) continues to face internal strife as the party has once again instituted disciplinary action against several of its councillors in KwaZulu-Natal.

Some of the councillors are suspected of being linked to other political parties, while others are accused of bringing the party into disrepute.

Last year, 28 councillors from 21 municipalities were removed from their positions, but they successfully challenged the move in court.

Imbabazane Local Municipality Deputy Mayor, Mbuzeleni Mkhize, is one of the councillors facing disciplinary action.

Mkhize says he is being accused of praising an Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) councillor and the IFP at a funeral.

“I think it’s immature from the leadership of the NFP to call me to a DC just because I was selected by the programme director to speak on behalf of the NFP. So it’s just that. They wanted to expel us before, they failed. The court ruled against them on 4th of January. I think it’s revenge.”

The NFP’s National Chairman, Maliyakhe Shelembe – denies that the party is planning to dismiss these councillors.

He says they are being afforded an opportunity to respond to allegations levelled against them.

“As a political party we cannot afford to allow members to do anything that is not in line with the constitution because we just say we want votes. It is not going to help the NFP if a councillor is campaigning for another political party and say let’s keep that councillor in that position to continue using the position of the NFP.”

– By Zanele Buthelezi


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