Limpopo ANC welcomes back defected members

The African National Congress (ANC) in Limpopo has welcomed back its former municipal councillors and four Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members who were expelled last year.

Thirteen ANC members, who were expelled from the Mogalakwane Municipality, and four former EFF members, were welcomed during a media briefing at the ANC’s Frans Mohlala House in Polokwane on Wednesday.

The former members of the ANC and EFF were introduced to the media by ANC Provincial Secretary, Nocks Seabi.

Among the 13 former ANC councillors from Mogalakwena was former mayor, Malose Mabuela.

Seabi says they were expelled for contravening the ANC constitution during service delivery protests last year. He says they have since shown remorse.

One of the former EFF members welcomed back is former EFF Provincial Organiser, David Manamela.

Seabi says the new members are coming back at the right time before this year’s local government elections.

“Today we welcome into our ranks a sizeable number of political activists from the history-less and futureless political formation. As part of those we are welcoming into the movement of the people are some of the leading figures of the infant and confused political formation called EFF. They come with a sizeable following of about 5 000 members back into the ANC across the province.”

EFF Provincial Secretary, Joseph Buthane, says those who joined the ANC were no longer members of the EFF as they left the party more than a year ago.

Former EFF Organiser, David Manamela, says he left the ANC Youth League and joined the EFF, but he was left disillusioned.
Manamela also questioned EFF leader Julius Malema, saying that Malema needs to account for the party finances, and labelling him as a dictator.

Buthane refuted claims that Malema is a dictator, adding that EFF’s finances are properly managed.

“Our audit is clean because there is proper management of our finances. We cannot be told by somebody outside our organisation how our money is being squared by whom for what. I don’t know what he is talking about because EFF members are happy about how Malema is running our organisation. He is the most democratic person on earth as we speak now.”

– By Isaac Murwa-wa-Murwamuila


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