Voter dies in NC queue, EC voters brave rain

A voter has died while waiting in a voting queue in Strydenburg in the Northern Cape. 


“In Strydenburg, one of our voters who was in the queue passed away. At this stage it’s not certain what the reason is for the fatality. But it seems like it is a medical condition. The voter was in the queue when this happened,” says provincial Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Manager, Alkin Topkin. 

In the Eastern Cape, cold and rainy weather hasn’t stopped the elderly and those who are disabled from voting in Bedford and Adelaide.

The maximum temperatures in the towns are ranging between 10 and 13 degrees Celsius. But for 87- year-old Thembeka Mange and 80-year-old Rowan Williamson it is not only about making their mark.

They insist that they want to make a difference after suffering during the apartheid era. 

“I don’t want to be oppressed by white people because in those days we couldn’t do anything. There was no freedom at that time, it was just oppression. That’s why I’m voting now.”

“I voted every single year because unless we vote, we will never have change. Change is so badly needed if we look at what’s happening. As a pensioner, what is the rand worth today? Nothing.”


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