Over 22 000 polling stations open for elections

Over 22 000 polling stations around the country are opening for the fifth Local Government Elections since 1994.

South Africans are casting ballots in what has been dubbed the most fiercely contested elections since the dawn of democracy.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) says the biggest election required 73 million ballots.

It is a historic election on many fronts, a record number of registered voters including the youth, independent candidates and political parties contesting the polls.

If you are voting in the hotly contested metros you will receive two ballots to choose a party and a ward councillor. In other local municipalities, voters will get a third for the district municipality.

The lead up has been marred by deadly violence, race politics, a battle over liberation stalwarts and leaders have criss-crossed the country making a myriad of promises.

The IEC was taken to the constitutional court over addresses, but following all that, South Africans will now have the final say.


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