Central Karoo ready to vote: IEC

Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) officials in the Central Karoo town of Beaufort West say despite a few hiccups with the special voting over the last two days, they are well prepared for Wednesday’s local government elections.

Over the past two days IEC officials have been making home visits to the sick and elderly with the special vote.

However, complaints against presiding officers (PO) have been lodged with the regional office.

This after the Democratic Alliance (DA) accused certain PO’S of showing some elderly people which party to vote for.

In the meantime, party candidates could still be seen canvassing for votes throughout the town till late Tuesday afternoon.

Most residents say they’re ready to make their mark but want jobs and houses after the vote.

The Beaufort West municipality is the only one in the province which managed an outright win for the African National Congress (ANC) in 2011 with close to 50% of the vote.

The DA followed closely with 41%. So it’s safe to say that this will be a hotly contested election for the town.


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