Special votes to be probed following IEC officials’ misconduct

Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) CEOMosotho Moepya says some special votes will be quarantined pending a probe. This follows what the IEC is calling isolated cases of misconduct by their own officials.


Special votes have been cast from Monday and will be concluded on Tuesday afternoon. Over 719 000 voters applied for special votes.

Moepya says some IEC officials did not follow the rules and have since been dismissed.

“Among the challenges encountered yesterday (Monday) included isolated cases of election officials not following the correct procedure for special votes. This included not using double envelope systems and three reported cases of voters who have not applied for special votes but were granted permission to vote. In all these instances, the affected ballots have been quarantined and the commission will, after consultation with the national party liaison committee, determine a way forward.”

Earlier, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Democratic Alliance (DA) requested the Electoral Commission to re-run special voting in ward 3 of the Lekwa-Teemane Local Municipality, based in Bloemhof, North West.

The parties allege that an IEC official was seen coming in and out of the voting station caring a ballot  box without a police escort. They also complained that seven ballot boxes from various wards were not sealed.


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