IEC raises red flag about ongoing petrol strike

Just hours to the country’s most anticipated poll, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has raised the red flag about the ongoing petrol strike.


More fuel stations have temporarily shut down, due to non delivery of supplies.

Fifteen thousand CEPPWAWU members downed tools last week over a 9% increase. Employers are offering 7%.

The strike is affecting refineries and depots.

Some businesses have come to a complete standstill and motorists are at their wits end.

Employers are down playing the impact of the action, as the chemical workers strike enters its second week.

There is little respite for motorists. Filling stations are running dry.

As voters prepare to go to the polls on Wednesday the strike could compromise voting another headache for the IEC.

The IEC’s Deputy Chairperson, Terry Tselane says contingency plans are afoot.

“We have requested IEC officials in different areas to come up with contingency plans if the need arises. We need to have plans in place so that ballot papers and equipment can be transported tour various polling stations. We need to make sure that these local elections are not disrupted and if we don’t have petrol to move it will create a major challenge for us.”


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