Cold, cloudy and rainy weather expected for coastal regions on Election Day

In the past week, parts of South Africa have experienced extreme weather conditions and in some areas some people have even lost their lives. Areas that have been gripped by heavy rainfall and disruptive snow, with extremely cold conditions, include the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

As the country approaches Election Day on Wednesday, 03 August 2016, the South African Weather Services say that there is a cold front that is expected to land in the Western Cape on Tuesday night, this will spread to the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. The cold front will result in showers and thunderstorms in certain parts of these regions. It will also be windy and cloudy; there will be also some snowfall in parts of the Drakensberg.

IEC Spokesperson, Kate Bapela says they are hoping that the weather will be kind on Wednesday, “in the event it’s not, we will be working with municipalities to provide assistance where it’s needed,” she adds that also on standby is the security cluster.

Bapela also mentions that they are very hopeful of a good voter turn-out; saying: “ in the past there have been instances of very cold conditions on Election Day, but South Africans braved the cold and they came out in their numbers to vote.”


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