Voters arrive at voting stations with minds made up

No political events such as marches, public meetings, rallies and demonstrations are allowed anywhere in the country on voting day.

This past weekend saw the last of the political rallies as parties took advantage of the weekend to draw thousands of supporters to rallies and major events across the countries.

Independent Analyst, Michael O’Donovan, explains that campaigning itself will continue for the next two days however must stop on voting day itself,

“No rallies and extensive campaigns are allowed on voting day. In fact, no political activity is allowed in the voting districts on the day that South Africans cast their ballots. So we’ll see a dramatic decline in the number of events taking place but canvassing for support will continue.”

O’Donovan says that you may still have the situation where a political party knock on your door to convince you to give them their vote and you will most likely see them at your local voting station..

“As you go to the voting station you’ll have various political parties with tables outside of the voting station and they will come and ask you, can we rely on your support. Now that type of activity is allowed as long as your access to the voting station is not impeded, otherwise the South African Police Service can intervene.”

O’Donovan further explains that no political activity is allowed within the voting stations,

“This includes party officials wearing logos, party colours or soliciting votes within the voting stations however you as a voter can walk in with your party colours and logos in your attire but within the voting station you may not try and influence anybody in any way.”

“Everything is done and dusted; you’re not going to change a person’s opinions they arrive at the voting station so it may persuade one or two voters at the very last second but it’s not an effective thing, it’s way too late. People arriving at the voting station have already made their minds up.”


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