Last two days of campaigning

Political parties took advantage of the weekend to draw thousands of supporters to rallies across the country in several large cities.  Sunday, 31 July, saw the last of the big rallies as political parties started to wrap up their campaigns for 2016 Local Government Elections.  Political parties will continue to canvas for support at a smaller scale over the next two days. This canvassing tends to come to an abrupt halt only on election day.

Voting day

On voting day no political events such as marches, public meetings, rallies and demonstrations are allowed anywhere in the country. Also no party political activity is allowed within voting stations . This includes party representatives wearing their party colours and logos or distributing pamphlets.  Parties are not prevented from these activities outside of the voting station as long as they do not impede access to the voting station itself. However voters are allowed to wear party clothing and paraphernalia in the voting station but may not influence any other voter while in the voting station.


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