Elections won’t take place in Vuwani: Forum

The Pro-Makhado Forum in Vuwani, Limpopo, says no agreement has been reached after a shutdown was declared in the area from May 1 to August 3.

This comes after reports stated that government and community leaders in Vuwani have reached an agreement that will see schooling resume from next month.

There has been no schooling for about three months in the area as residents protested against a decision to incorporate their area into a new municipality.

At least 30 schools have been burnt in Vuwani following the shutdown which is prompted by a municipal demarcation issue.
Speaking on AM Live, the forum’s spokesperson, Nsovo Sambo, says he is optimistic that the situation in the area will be stabilised but adds that local government elections will not take place in Vuwani.

“People indicated that if their issue or their demands are not met by the government they won’t be voting in Vuwani, so they going to boycott the elections in any possible way.”

Sambo says, “This is a collective decision taken by the people of Vuwani, if they go to the polls on August the 3rd it will be under Makhado municipality which they were forcefully removed without their knowledge. So they indicated if that doesn’t happen they won’t be participating, that is the collective decision taken by the people of Vuwani.”


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