Strong focus on rural areas ahead of elections

Rural areas mostly in the North West and the Northern Cape have become highly contested areas for political parties than before for the upcoming local government elections, that is according to political analysts.


Farm workers in most rural areas in the North West are also given more attention and encouraged to vote come the elections.

The two provinces, North West and Northern Cape have become a very interesting electioneering ground for the upcoming local government elections from many political parties more than before.

Recently the province’s rural areas such as Taung and Vryburg were graced by two political giants, as part of their electioneering campaigns.

The ruling party’s deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa and Economic Freedom Fighter’s Commander in Chief, Julius Malema visited the area recently.

On the other hand, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in the province is also stopping at nothing to ensure that farmer workers around most parts of the province are also given an opportunity to go exercise their constitutional right of making the mark, come local government elections.

Previously, the IEC had encountered challenges at farming communities like Stella near Vryburg and Groot Marico outside Zeerust where they were unsure if the farm workers will go vote.

However, the provincial IEC head, Tumelo-Ntle Thiba says everything is now in place after some farmers had agree to release their workers on election day to go vote.

The six allegedly terrorised farmers around Madikwe, Lichtenburg, Zeerust and Klerksdorp by forcefully entering their plots and robbing them at gunpoint.

Three farmers have so far been killed during the commission of the offences between 2012 and 2014.

“Our move to DA, comes after our party, ANC re-engineered our decision”

Luxury goods including jewellery as well as laptops, cell phones including vehicles and undisclosed amount of cash were looted during the attacks. Judgement is expected later in September.

Meanwhile voter apathy is at hand in a small rural area in Reivillo falling under the Greater Taung municipality.

Reivillo is about 55 kilometres from Taung. The place is very underdeveloped with high level of unemployment and plunged by social ills like the abuse of alcohol amongst young people.

Residents are disgruntled saying they have lost hope to cast their vote in August.

In Morokweng near Vryburg, the candidate list debacle is likely to put an upset on the Kagisano Molopo municipality, where about three hundred irate African National Congress members have defected to the Democratic Alliance.

The defected members say they ruling party has imposed a candidate on them which was not their choice.

“Our move to DA, comes after our party, ANC re-engineered our decision as members by imposing a candidate. So we took a decision as youth in Morokweng to give our vote to the DA and also join the party.”

The ANC member who defected to the DA in Morokweng because of a candidate imposed on them, vowed to take over the Kagisano Molopo local municipality after the elections.


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