Parties battle it out in Mogale City

Political parties contesting in the upcoming local government elections have promised to improve the lives of Mogale City Municipalityresidents in Krugersdorp, Gauteng.

Parties participated in the election debate held at the Centenary Hall on Friday in a series of debates hosted by SAfm.

The African National Congress (ANC) says the region has gone through positive economic changes.

Executive mayor of the Mogale City region, Calvin Tsirane, says the party will continue working to improve the lives of the community.

“When we assumed office, our budget was about R600 million, but is now R2.3 billion. During that time, we have worked relentlessly to implement the manifesto of the ANC and we have delivered across the board social, economic, infrastructure, housing delivery and libraries. And we are not for a moment saying there are no problems. There are problems but we march on in our quest to ensure that we provide a better life to our people.”

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it is confident that it will obtain a higher percentage of votes in the upcoming polls.

Dennis Pretorius from the DA’s West Rand District Council says the party promises clean governance in its municipalities.

“Our party believes in freedom, fairness and opportunity. If you look at the figures that the DA will probably get in this election in Tshwane, it’s a higher percentage than the ANC. We are getting close to that situation in Johannesburg and we are reasonable sure that we will do the same in Nelson Mandela Bay. Where the DA governs we provide services, we get rid of corruption and we provide good, clean governance to the people that live in our areas.”

The Economic Freedom Party (EFF) says the party will focus on creating good quality jobs for the community.

West Rand Regional Chairperson, Tina Mabana, says the party will prioritise housing, job creation and scrap the tender system.
“Our people are still homeless or still staying in informal settlements and yet we have land that is vacant. We as the EFF believe in quality jobs and if you look at the jobs that are being offered to our people by the municipality and the current government, those are not quality jobs. And we should also scrap tenders so that we are able to create good quality jobs for our people.”

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) says corruption rampant in Mogale City needs to be eradicated.

Party representative in the region, Themba Rathifula, says: “In Mogale City, we see the corruption which is evident that’s happening daily. The community is tired of the corruption. In ward 13, two years back we had a storm which damaged our roofs. Our councillor did nothing in our ward. In Ward 6, the storm damaged the roof. They protested and their roofs were fixed. The councillor of ward 13 doesn’t about what’s happening in the ward.  We need a change in ward 13.”

West Rand Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) Chairperson, Tommy Nthando, says that there are prominent land ownership issues in the region.
Nthando says that the city needs to see change when it comes to the black ownership of land.

“Twenty years after democracy, Mogale residents, in particular black people, are still at the bottom of society. Black people are in majority and even though they are in majority they are still treated below the priorities in their own land. As PAC we are saying the first step to African liberation is to achieve dignity. When it comes to land ownership, black people in Mogale city are last. White settler minority have the land while African people do not have land. So we are saying as PAC, enough is enough, its’ time that we take our land back.”

Freedom Front Plus
(FF Plus) Mogale City Mayoral Candidate, Amanda Delunga, says the municipality requires equal employment opportunities.

“The FF-Plus believes that after 22 years we have seen a decline of the economy, of health of education, just to name a few. It is time to change things. We believe it is time for the SA that was promised. FF Plus believes in equal opportunities. We should do away with BEE. It’s time that we move on and its time that everybody gets equal rights. We are against the employment of people eased on race instead of people based on their qualifications. We believe in diversity.”

People’s Civic Organisation (PCO) President, Jeff Daniel, says the party will enhance systems that promote good governance.

“If you take the national outlook of the municipalities, you will see that there are still seriously inherent problems in most municipalities. The PCO will enhance systems that will ensure good governance, good administration and that oversight is also strengthened in order to ensure that we bolster public confidence in government.”


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