Uncertainty over Tlokwe’s readiness for municipal polls

There’s still uncertainty over whether the local elections next month will be held in the Tlokwe Municipality.

North West University Political Scientist, Professor Andre Duvenhage, says polls could be postponed in Tshwane if the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) fails to verify voters’ addresses.

Around 25 000 voters’ addresses were believed to have been missing from the voters’ roll.

The IEC Independent has been collecting voters’ addresses in line with a Constitutional Court ruling.

Duvenhage says there could still be a problem that could lead to people not being able to exercise their right to vote.

“But now the problem is if we cannot verify the addresses, people won’t be in a position to vote. And this may end up in a situation where voters’ outcome can be very low and people can argue that this is not an accurate reflection of the true state of affairs with regard with Tlokwe. In a nutshell, it is going to be very difficult…we may have no election in Tlokwe.”

Questions have been raised by political parties and independent candidates on what is going to happen to the voters whose addresses could not be verified.

African National Congress (ANC) Chief Whip in Tlokwe, Thabo Mosiane, fears the worst.

“The Constitution requires that everybody must be able to vote as long as you are 18 and an SA citizen. It will be a very sad day that people cannot vote because of the addresses and technical issues that are there. We have to do everything that we can to make sure that we do not disfranchise the voters…”

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says this raises more questions with the IEC.

Independent Candidates Spokesperson, David Kham, says the IEC will be challenged so that it allows every resident to participate.

“The law does not allow disfranchisement on the part of voters on the basis of administrative issues….the IEC will have to take testimony that those are correct voters.”


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