Police issue stern warning ahead of elections

A heavy police contingency is expected at voting stations during the Local Government Elections.

Police in the North West say people who intend to disrupt the elections will be dealt with accordingly.

Some communities have threatened to disrupt elections as they are not happy with their mayoral candidates.

Police say they are ready to ensure safety during the Local Government Elections. The mandate of the South African Police Service demands the police take the lead in the process of securing the elections to allow all South Africans to cast their vote

Brigadier Leornad Hlathi says their members will be deployed in areas that are regarded as hot spots.

“Our job is to make sure that citizens are safe when they will be progressing to the voting station, and I just want to reiterate what the position of the National commissioner that whenever people will be going to the voting stations they must not be armed.”

“Any person who will be armed and approaching the voting station will surely be dealt with. We don’t want people that will be staging public violence at the voting station,” adds Hlathi.

He also emphasised that those who break the law, will have to face the full might of the law.

The Independent Electoral Commission Provincial Manager for Operations, Nthabi Ntsipane, says they rely on the police for security.

Ntsipane says police will be on high alert at places they describe as high risk.

“We have a structure called force joint, this is a structure where members of the security clusters sit on weekly basis. We are part of those meetings. The plans are that for all our voting stations, all of them, we will have two stationery police officers on the day of elections and there will be those who will be roaming around with vans…”

The police say community members should not hold illegal gatherings. If they do gather, they should not harm people or damage property.


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