Gigaba urged to stop home affairs from presiding over marriages

Religious leaders have called on Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba to stop home affairs officials from administering marriages.


They argue that marriage is a holy institution that should be left to religious leaders to administer.

Gigaba was meeting various religious leaders in Kayamandi Township near Stellenbosch.

Home Affairs wants to end fraudulent marriages so its officials have to be able to administer marriages.

If left solely in the hands of religious leaders, there’s no guarantee that fraudulent and marriages of convenience won’t take place.

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba says, “We have instances where some priests have come forward to register fraudulent marriages and marriages of convenience knowingly, and so we try and curb all of this.”

However, the minister has assured religious leaders that the department is training marriage officers from different religions to administer marriages.

At the same gathering, Gigaba divulged that more than 200 000 eligible voters still need to collect their identity documents from home affairs offices around the country.

Those eligible to vote will need those IDs to cast their votes on August 3.

“We are in conversations with municipalities about how to resolve that, so that indigenous people can be provided the transport to come and collect their documents.”

The department will also open all its offices on August 3, so that those who want to vote can still collect their IDs.


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