Steady progress made in registering voters in Tlokwe

Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister, Des van Rooyen, says steady progress has been made in registering voters in the Tlokwe Local Municipality for the local government elections.

He was speaking after his visit to the North West municipality last week. Van Rooyen was checking on the progress made to put the electorates’ addresses on the voter’s roll in his capacity as the chairperson of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Elections.

He says good work has been done so far.

“The IEC has tried its level best to ensure the implementation of the constitutional court order that instructed that before the IEC conducts local government elections they should ensure that all the people with incomplete residential details on the voters roll should update their details. We have witnesses their intervention in the form of mobile voting districts which crises crossed not less than 76 voting districts in the area of Tlokwe, and that continued over the weekend. There’s steady progress that has been registered and hopefully today the IEC will release a consolidated report of the impact of the intervention.”

Van Rooyen outlines some of the challenges that the IEC is facing in the region.

“Some of the people have changed addresses, some are not necessarily permanent residents where they stay, and they might have stayed there maybe as backyard dwellers. Some of the people have new houses and some are not captured in the right voting district. So those are some of the challenges that we picked up since the IEC has been in Tlokwe.”


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