North West IEC dealing with cases of misconduct

With just a few weeks before the August 3 Municipal elections the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is still dealing with cases of misconduct by those taking part in the elections.

The commission is not only receiving complaints of parties defacing election posters of other parties.

In the North West, an independent candidate has taken it a step further.

Some posters of the candidate are appearing with the African National Congress (ANC) logo and colours.

Lucky Vuthuza claims this was done by community members without his knowledge.

“I apologise for this. I was not aware of what the community was doing. I will gladly remove these posters at once.”

However, the ruling party says it’s not amused and wants the IEC to act.

The ANC’s Itumeleng Mosala says: “This individual decided on his own to go this route of using our emblem which is fraudulent as far as we are concerned as the ANC. We have called on the IEC to actually withdraw his candidacy as an independent candidate in ward 21 because we think he has committed a serious offence with regards to the Electoral Act.”

The IEC has had a meeting with the candidate.

North West IEC Electoral Officer, Tumelontle Thiba says: “I can immediately say that this is a serious contravention and that we have advised the ANC to take the matter to the Electoral Court if it so wishes. They are calling for this independent candidate to be withdrawn from the election race.”

The independent candidate previously made himself available for selection as an ANC councillor but did not make it onto the final list.

He says he is a victim of the improper way in which the ANC went about choosing people to stand as councillors without community consent.


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