SA Statistics Council welcomes Stats SA 2016 community survey

The South African Statistics Council has welcomed the newly-released Stats SA 2016 Community Survey (CS).

According to the survey, the country’s population has grown from 51.8 million to 55.7 million.

The study reflects the country’s performance on education, labour markets, service delivery, poverty and access to services.

The council’s chairperson, Ben Mphahlele, says they are satisfied that the survey was conducted in a transparent manner.

However, he says in some areas, especially in the Western Cape and Gauteng, numerators could not reach identified dwelling units.

“Council is satisfied that the procedures followed during the community survey has been transparent and has not had any interference from government in terms of the processes and data collection and the release of the data. Council concludes that the data is for use,” says Mphahlele.


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