Violent protests remain a concern for the IEC

Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Deputy Chairperson, Terry Tselane, says that violent protests remain a concern to the IEC.

This follows days of unrest in parts of the Tshwane Metro that were sparked by the ANC’s nomination of Thoko Didiza as its mayoral candidate.

Calm has now been restored to the city.

Police say that at least five people were killed during the protests and close to 300 were arrested.

Tselane was speaking during an IEC media briefing in Centurion, outside Pretoria:

“The violent protests that erupted in Tshwane were a great concern to us. As the IEC, we will continue to monitor the situation and have conversations with the political parties concerned to make sure that those kind of issues are dealt with and we do not have those kind of challenges filtering into our electoral processes.”

Tselane says political parties are expected to ensure that the election processes go smoothly.

“The electoral process is a general responsibility for ourselves and the stakeholders. So, if there are events and processes that disrupt the electoral processes, we would be concerned as Electoral Commission. But we would also expect our partners, particularly the political parties, to do their best to make sure that the situation is contained and that we are able to have this election within an environment conducive to free and fair elections.”




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